The Concept of 3%. Com Properties

3%. Com Properties is the trade name of a Franchise Group that empowers and enables attorneys and conveyancers to function as real estate agencies within their existing legal practices.

The result is that these franchisees (attorneys) perform the full range of services involved in a property transaction.

That is, evaluating the property, listing the property, marketing and selling the property, negotiating the sale, arranging finance, registering the bond, transferring the property, to finally paying the seller the proceeds of the sale.

This service is truly unique as:
  • It is performed exclusively by attorneys;
  • The commission is a mere 3% plus VAT*;
  • It is fully comprehensive.

5 Good great reasons to sell through us

  • We are fully accredited specialist property lawyers who are experienced in marketing and selling of immovable property.
  • We have the resources and expertise to thoroughly assess all offers and agreements.
  • Full legal support from sale to transfer – Your property…your call…no third degree!
  • Extensive multi- media marketing to attract prospects throughout South Africa 24/7.
  • Our low 3% commission covers all aspects without compromising service delivery.

5 Good great reasons to find and buy through us

  • Our commission is locked in at 3% – less than half off the industry norm.
  • Personal FREE consultation with a reputable property lawyer to guide and advise
  • Full legal support throughout the buying process from offer to final transfer
  • Your agent is your lawyer and your lawyer is your agent – personalised attention
  • We find properties that match your wish list throughout South Africa and beyond

Lawyers, find out
about our franchise

Enhance your legal reputation with new and existing clients in a proven business model. Put the passion back through property and the profits in your pocket!

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