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The ideal seasons for selling your home are spring and summer due to the belief that the lush green gardens increase curb appeal, the skies are brighter, so the natural light hits the room just right, and the air is fresher and crisper. This does not mean you cannot place your home on the market this winter. It should just be done right.

Keep things neutral

If your favourite lounge has a fuschia focal wall, it’s time to bid it farewell. Having neutral interior makes it possible for the new potential owner to imagine their own taste in the home because it is easy on the eye.

Make the home warm

Whether you choose to install a fireplace or light a heater, when people come to a viewing they should not feel the need to cross their arms to shield the cold. Warmth creates a comfortable environment and that is how people want to feel in their future home.

Let the light in

The winter lighting is not as giving as the lighting in spring and summer, and because it gets darker a lot sooner at this time of the year, your interior lighting fixtures need to do the talking. Replace bulbs that have fused.

Air it out

The colder season demands for windows to stay closed, causing the home to become stuffy. Before the show house, open windows to allow for cross ventilation, then when you close them again, light a subtle-smelling incense candle.

If your region is rainy during winter, check that your ceiling is clear of water marks as a sign of a leaking roof. The plus side of choosing to sell during this season is that there are less houses on the market, meaning less competition for you!

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