Juggling your property: We won't let you drop the ball

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We won't sugar-coat it - property sales and purchases are tricky affairs. There is an array of considerations that come with both the listing of a property and the legal side of the sale, things that often need to be considered before the property even enters the market. Keeping track of everything can get overwhelming.

You feel like a juggler grabbing for that single stray ball and having all the others come bouncing to the floor. With the experience and expertise of the 3%. Com Properties team, you'll be able to juggle all the balls that come with a property transaction. From the listing and marketing of your property all the way to finally paying the proceeds of the sale to the seller, we remain with you throughout. With 3%. Com Properties's experts by your side, you won't drop the ball during your property transaction.

The greatest benefit of lawyers selling properties is that we offer you the advice and guidance you need as both real-estate agents and lawyers, considering marketing strategies just as much as we consider your financial and legal requirements. All of this for only 3% commission (plus VAT). We simply give you more, for less.

3%.Com Properties - Lawyers selling property, it makes sense.

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