Why prolong the wait of your property transaction?

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We can't think of anything quite as relaxing as standing in a long queue, sometimes knowing exactly what lies ahead while at other times with our nerves at an end because of the uncertainty, all the while having time to contemplate the tiniest "what ifs" and finding that no more than a few seconds have passed in what felt like an hour in which nothing actually happened.

Well, actually we can.

While patience may be a virtue, and bank queues may prove the best time to catch up on some reading, prolonged waiting is rarely a pleasant experience. This is especially true if the wait relates to one of the biggest decisions in your life, a decision you have put a lot of thought and contemplation into, and so also a lot of time. So, why prolong the wait after your decision has been made?

Whether you are buying a home or an investment, you don't want the most exciting time of your new adventure, getting ready to embark on something new, to be dampened by waiting around for the conveyancing process to begin. Similarly, when someone is selling a property, waiting to head off a new adventure themselves or maybe looking for a more affordable adventure in straining times, there is a sense of urgency surrounding the transaction that waiting around will only worsen.

When a conveyancing agent has to be brought into a property transaction mid-way, there is nothing for either buyers or sellers to do but wait, unfortunately. Once a conveyancing attorney is appointed to the property purchase/sale and the Offer to Purchase is registered with them, the process that follows is a time-consuming one. Obtaining the original deed from the Deeds Office, getting the Rates Clearance Certificate, paying the transfer fees, cancelling the existing bond, registering a new bond...the list goes on for quite a bit. But seeing as we're talking about waiting, we'll leave it there. Suffice it to say the conveyancing process is a long one, so, why put it off? Properties is uniquely positioned in the real estate industry to make the wait so much shorter. Being with you from the beginning means we will be able to begin the conveyancing process sooner than it would have been begun if a middle-man attorney had to be appointed to the transfer of the property. Our comprehensive service, taking you right from the marketing and sale through to the transfer of your property, makes us a one-stop service that makes the entire process of selling or buying a house just that much smoother, with a lot less waiting.

We hope you enjoy your reading in the bank queue, but don't let your property transaction take any longer than it has to.

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