Have your cake and eat it too: Lawyers selling property - The best of both worlds

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Two vastly different worlds are involved in property sales, both requiring a guide that knows their way around - real estate agents and conveyancing attorneys. Both are equally integral to the success of a property transaction.

Real estate agents understand property in a way few others do. They are, however, limited when it comes to legal matters. Estate agents, for instance, can't transfer titles, and they can't give legal advice. Answering a question about the tenant's right to cross a shared easement, even though it seems a simple matter, would not be allowed, as this is technically a legal concern, which demands the attention of a qualified legal representative.

Lawyers are qualified to answer these questions and give you legal advice that protects your concerns. Lawyers are also qualified to transfer the property's title. Legally, you'll be safe in their hands. But what happens when you have real estate questions? Will they, however, be able to provide the seller and buyer with adequate market knowledge? Without the trained eye of an estate agent, which developed over years to see the smallest matters that could affect a real estate purchase, you may be left with a legally sound transaction that you regret due to small inconsistencies you hadn't noticed before.

With 3%.Com Properties, we give you the best of both worlds. We can answer all your questions, legal or practical. As experienced attorneys, we are qualified to assist you in every legal matter that comes your way. But as estate agents, we've gained the experience needed to make sure your real estate needs are met every time. With you every step of the way, we have the expertise needed to ensure your real-estate questions are answered every time.

Lawyers selling property, it just makes sense!

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