The property playground: Picking your team has never been this simple

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Remember breaktimes in primary school, when all the kids gathered round to be chosen for the day's game? "Okay... you at the back." "You... yes, you with the yellow shirt." And so, we waited to be picked, growing more nervous as the group thinned out slowly.

As a child, we assume these decisions are based solely on an existing friend-base, which was obviously true for the first few picks, but as the group thins out a more analytical approach reveals itself - who will actually be best for my team? A 6-year-old boy whose growth spurt had him looking like a 12-year-old would have been perfect for rugby, but a burden in a game of hide-and-seek. Somewhere inside the team captains' heads, their analytical gears were working away like a steam train.

Choosing your team when it comes to a property transaction is very similar. You need players who are competent in a very specific area of expertise, which often means your team will consist of more than one person. On most property transactions, the team comprises an estate agent, who is responsible for the marketing of the property, and a conveyancing attorney, who is responsible for the legal transfer of the property from one owner to the next.

What if you could choose a single friend every break, who is equally able and skilled in every game that comes his/her way? Wouldn't that have been the best thing ever? While you may not have had that friend at school, you can have it now in your property transaction.

3%.Com  Properties offers you the legal expertise of experienced attorneys with the marketing know-how of an estate agent, all for only 3% commission (plus VAT). By staying with you from start to finish, we can keep processes transparent and take accountability for your property every step of the way. Why choose a go-between when you can get direct disclosure from your estate agent and attorney all in one?

Your first choice on the property playground - 3%.Com Properties, Lawyers Selling Properties, It just makes sense.

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