Making your property transaction load lighter by welcoming nothing more than 3% Commission

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Property transactions should be about the joy of a new chapter, about the opportunities that await you like a bed of roses and the road trip that lies ahead. Quite often, though, they aren't. The joy is often lost under the weight of legal issues, unintelligible jargon, commissions and mountains of documentation, turning what should be a joyful road trip into a bumpy detour filled with wrong turns and excess baggage. 3%.Com Properties will make your property transaction lighter, allowing you to cross over into the greener pastures of your new property and enjoy the trip - the way it should be.

At 3%.Com Properties our team of attorneys acts as estate agents and conveyancers at the same time, staying with you throughout the entire process of your property transaction. Beyond our industry expertise and legal certainty, sticking with you throughout the journey allows us to build a stronger relationship with our clients. Attorneys selling property, taking care of every aspect of your transaction - from the FOR SALE board going up to the final proceeds of the sale paid over to the seller  - it just makes sense.

Combining both processes of the transaction saves you time, ensures an efficient process from start to finish and last, but certainly not the least of the benefits, it saves you money. At 3%.Com Properties our name says it all -  we guarantee a 3% commission flat-rate (plus VAT), with the market average currently standing between 6% and 8% for estate agents. Why spend that extra amount on an estate agent when you could spend it on a bottle of champagne to celebrate your successful sale - with a reasonable sum left to invest in your new adventure?

3%.Com Properties helps you smooth out the speedbumps of your transaction, ensuring smooth sailing on your transaction road trip.

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