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3%.Com Properties is a network of law firms that are uniquely positioned in the real estate industry, providing a comprehensive service right from the marketing and sale through to the transfer of your property. This means that it is truly a one-stop service, which makes the entire process of selling or buying a house just that much smoother, giving you more comfort and less stress.

As a real estate solution that does not just have expertise in sales, but also in property law and conveyancing, there is no need to stress about the rest of the process once your property has been “sold”. Traditionally, a real estate agency will market and sell a property. Once the property is sold, it is the task of an attorney, who the seller is entitled to appoint, to attend to the transfer. This next step in the process is a very important one, but can also be time consuming if not attended to properly. To maintain security of tenure, we have a Deeds Registry system that requires accuracy and detail.  

With 15 years of experience in both sales and conveyancing, 3%.Com Properties is able to identify potential issues before they take place and we can assure you that we have you covered from corner to corner when it comes to the seamless sale of your home.

Whether it is arranging finance, tailoring a unique deed of sale, providing consistent updates, or handling any unforeseen conveyancing hurdles, we take accountability from the start to finish so that you don’t have to. Unlike any traditional real estate company in South Africa, 3%.Com Properties is a genuinely comprehensive solution.

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