Why choose 3%.Com Properties? More Simplicity – Less Confusion

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When choosing 3%.Com Properties, a member of the public has access to a national network of attorneys and law firms providing a diverse range of legal services. More specifically, the 3%. Com Properties Group focuses on the marketing and selling of immovable property.

  • With 3%.Com Properties we keep complicated professional services simple.
  • At 3%.Com Properties we strive to create more simplicity and less confusion.
  • We see simplicity as a process as too many processes create confusion.

For example, when you apply for a new passport or identity document, endless processes and procedures must be followed which often leads to confusion and frustration. With our new online developments and strategic partnerships, these processes have been simplified and streamlined, resulting in less confusion.

Our Integrated Property Experience will streamline the property selling process by incorporating various processes into a one stop service offering. The service offering simplifies the selling process by unifying and integrating the traditionally segmented selling processes into one. From taking the mandate, listing, marketing and selling the property, to finally paying the seller the proceeds, everything happens “under one roof”.

More simplicity and certainty is created through a unified product offering. There are fewer processes to follow, which ultimately eliminates confusion.

3%.Com Properties attorneys/conveyancers not only create more simplicity and less confusion, but add more Value with less Commission.

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