The Grown-Up Sleepover

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No one has ever put an age restriction on sleepovers, so why are people not having them as often? Feel like a kid again with these awesome grown-up sleepover ideas for guys’ night, girls’ night and couples’ night.

Guys night:

Before hosting this, allocate where the rubbish will go because falling asleep on an empty beer bottle… not too comfortable.

Braai: Every group has a braai master and if you don’t know who it is, then it’s probably you. This time, everyone should have a role around the braai stand. One should get the fire started, the other spices the meat, and the other should do the braaing.

Meal building: Don’t be boring by tossing the steaks and chops onto a plate. Build a steak sandwich! You can do it on individual mini loaves or as a team on a giant French loaf. Each guy should have a “demarcated” section where they will be adding their ingredients. Throw in some fries, eggs, bacon, sweet chilli sauce, sour worms – literally anything edible. This is where the creativity will definitely show.

Girls night:

Tie your hair up, remember that it is okay to walk around in your socks and leave your diet plan at the door.

Hit the bar: We’re not saying you and the ladies should leave your house. Set up a snack bar with popcorn, various toppings and a variety of confectionaries to create a food market experience. Just make sure you pack it up before heading to bed… or the ants will take over.

Binge watching: Depending on how many of you there will be, how many nights your sleepover will be, and how long you manage to stay awake, each guest should bring along their favourite movies. The theme shouldn’t matter; action, thriller, musical, everything goes.


If you’re having a couples’ night, combine the fun from the above suggestions and make it a slightly more youthful by wearing matching onesies.

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